About Heal Accounting

Heal Accounting is a nationally recognized women-owned CPA and consulting firm working with business owners across the United States.

Our experienced and passionate team of financial and tax experts provides a range of accounting, tax, and financial consulting services to our diverse portfolio of businesses and non-profit clients. As growth and profitability advisors, we partner with clients to serve as their full service outsourced finance department by streamlining and automating bookkeeping and accounting processes, and utilizing data to enable 24/7 business monitoring.

We’re a one-stop shop for all of your accounting and financial consulting needs. We help clients identify areas of improvement for their business. From cost reduction and real-time invoicing to value-based pricing, we develop solutions to improve cash flow and enhance overall profitability.


Building and running a company is at times both a daunting and exhilarating adventure, and we’re excited to partner and share the process with you. As a privately held full service CPA firm, we are extremely passionate about, and invested in, providing that personal touch to help business owners scale profitably to reach, and often exceed, the level of success they want to create for their business and their life.

Staying up to date with industry best practices and continuously learning new strategies to help you grow your business is incredibly important to us. Below is a list of organizations in which we actively participate and hold memberships in:

By leveraging our collective experience and background in all areas of finance, accounting, and consulting, we’re positioned to help our clients grow and scale so that they can achieve the best work and life possible.

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