Running Your Small Business

When you’re in the thick of managing and running your small business, it’s easy for some of the less desirable tasks to fall by the wayside.

Time is precious and there never seems to be enough of it! Bookkeeping and financial management are often areas that receive less time and energy than they’re due, largely because they can be tedious and hard to navigate.

As a business owner, you probably know there are ways to streamline your finances, you’re just not quite sure how. We’ve taken some time to dig into this topic and created a series of resource guides to help you answer some of the bigger, more challenging questions. 

Running Your Small Business


First and foremost, we are big advocates of integrating technology into your workflow to streamline your financial operations. Tools like QuickBooks Online or Sage Intacct can help you manage every inflow and outflow of money in your organization, and it will also make bookkeeping much easier because all of your financial data will be gathered in one place. Technology has the added benefit of keeping your information much more secure and accessible from anywhere and at any time you might want to access it.

Tax planning and preparation are processes that can often catch a business owner off guard. Many of us are trained to only think about taxes during ‘tax season,’ but to be adequately prepared, they’re actually activities that should be engaged with throughout the year. Check out our guide on tax basics for your small business  to understand what you need to do and when.

Running payroll  can be another tricky operational area, especially as your workforce grows. This is an easy thing to outsource to financial experts who have the technology and tools to automate this process, reduce human error, and make it much easier to manage on a regular basis.

Managing and growing your small business can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve got a team full of financial and tax experts available to take some of the pressure off of running your business so you can focus on whatever it is that you do best.

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