Small Business & Nonprofit Consulting

All businesses are run differently, face their own unique sets of challenges, and have different goals for the long term.

Some people start their own business as a passion project that grows into something more, others inherit a larger-scale family business that’s been running for years, and others still feel driven to start a nonprofit to support and promote a cause they’re passionate about.

Whatever the case is for you, there are many aspects of the business to consider, not least of which is the financial side of things. From day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting, to cash flow management and tax preparations (and all of the things in between), there’s a lot to think about. Nonprofits have the unique challenge of special financial controls and different considerations during tax time. Each of these scenarios requires a special know-how and expertise, but regardless of what you’re facing in your business, chances are we’ve encountered it before and have the tools and services to help you navigate through it.


Our business and nonprofit advisory services act as a one-stop shop for all of your accounting and financial consulting needs. Our services and solutions are designed with a few key principles in mind: to reduce the opportunity for human error, improve efficiency across your business, and save you time and money by automating as many processes as possible with technology. We have years and years worth of experience that we can share with you as valuable knowledge and guidance for your business.

We can help you and your business in the following areas:

  • Growth and Profitability Consulting
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Tech Stack Recommendation
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Cash Flow Management
  • New Business Formation
  • Services for Nonprofits
  • Tax Planning and Preparation

All of our services are tailored to your specific scenario — industry, line of work, business model, financial considerations, and goals.

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