Growth & Profitability Small Business Consulting

Your business is growing. You know you can be more profitable, but you cannot afford to hire a full-time CFO. Introducing Growth & Profitability Small Business Consulting by Heal Accounting.

Heal Accounting effectively serves as your outsourced CFO. We start by getting to know you and your business. With our highly personalized approach, we make sure that all of our recommendations are aligned to your unique goals and objectives. Then, we work with you to streamline and automate your bookkeeping process and implement real-time reporting, so you know just how well your business is doing – 24/7. The financial experts at Heal Accounting also help you identify areas of improvement for your business – from cost reduction to real-time invoicing and value-based pricing designed to enhance your overall profitability.

Growth & Profitability Consulting

Take your business to the next level with Growth and Profitability Consulting. Here’s how.

Our Small Business Consulting Process

To ensure that our Growth and Profitability Consulting will be an effective tool for each of our clients, we’ve developed a thorough process for working with you and your business. We start every new client engagement with a client needs assessment where we learn more about your business operations, challenges, and history. This step involves us asking many questions to help uncover what has transpired to date within your company, and where you hope to take it in the future.

Next, we identify and set personal and professional goals that will serve as the focus for our engagement and planning. We find it is imperative for business owners to know not just their business goals, but also their personal goals, so we can take the whole picture into account when developing a plan for the future. This is really based on what you, as an owner, are looking to change or achieve.

Once we have the background and a solid understanding of your goals, we develop a plan, which takes the form of a document that we share with you for your review, input, and approval. We make sure that all of the goals as we understand them are aligned with what you’re hoping to achieve for your business. This is similar to the type of document we would develop for strategic business planning, which includes goals, uncovering any hidden costs or factors that could be holding your business back, recommendations for moving forwards, and a timeline for implementation. We’ll review and discuss different strategies that might be available in your industry and get as specific and granular as we can with your plan.

Once we’ve come up with an agreed-upon plan, we begin to implement that plan. This step could involve any number of business activities, from training staff to purchasing new equipment to securing additional financing, or something else entirely. When we build a plan, we’re making a lot of educated assumptions based on the history and our knowledge of your industry. But when you implement a plan, it’s really important to monitor changes throughout, to make sure that those assumptions we’ve made were accurate. If they’re not, ongoing monitoring allows for course-correction whenever it’s necessary. For us, this is made possible through the integration of technology, which provides real-time financial information that we can leverage to make informed decisions.

A lot of business owners wait too long to see if their new plan is working, and then if they discover something has gone wrong, it’s much harder to adjust. When we build a plan, there are typically several different options built into it, so that if one plan doesn’t work, there is another option to try. Regardless, we’ll be working right alongside you during this process, answering questions, helping you navigate hurdles, and adjusting as necessary.

If you are ready to grow or take your business to the next level, meet with one of our advisors to uncover a plan to grow your company profitability.