Business Planning & Outsourced CFO Services

Our team provides expert, project-based financial advice and knowledge to help guide your business.

As an Outsourced CFO for your company, we can help you develop a strategic plan to serve as a roadmap for your existing business or exciting new venture. This means we’ll manage the same processes that a CFO within your team might, but without requiring you to hire additional headcount. We have deep expertise in developing financial strategies and planning for companies of all sizes.

Failing to plan, is planning to fail.

Foundational business planning is a critical first step in mapping out the future of your organization. This is an involved process of collecting information, analyzing data, and taking a look at the available resources within your organization in order to identify long-term business goals and objectives. We analyze your organization’s current strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats within your particular market, or commonly associated with your chosen business model. You can think of it as developing a unique blueprint for your business.

Well versed in business planning, our team can help you firm up the foundation upon which to build your organization. Working together in this capacity, we’ll research and identify your company:

  • Vision/Mission/Values
  • Objectives and Goals
  • Product/Service mix
  • Plans
  • Pricing
  • Unique differentiators
  • Competitive environment
  • Business risks

There are many reasons that strategic business planning makes sense. It’s a critical first step to help unify employees and set a vision, and it can also be used as a valuable tool to obtain funding. It has implications for your long-term vision too, including helping to establish daily operations, as well as any future growth or launch plans.

Financial planning

As a next step, by implementing financial planning with an expert team with you every step of the way, you will be able to make data driven decisions which can keep you ahead of the competition. It is also an effective tool for unifying key leaders within your organization, and helping to keep both management and staff focused and working together towards the same goals.


So, when does putting together a strategic plan make sense?

  • When starting a new venture, or launching a new product or service
  • When sourcing outside funding
  • When expanding an existing organization
  • When buying a new business
  • When trying to turn around a business in decline

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner looking to take your business to the next level, or a start-up seeking support, let us help you develop a powerful, strategic business plan that will enable you to scale your business profitably.

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